Are you ready to create positive change in your life?

Are you unhappy in your soul and feel like something isn’t quite right?

Maybe you feel like something is missing or you didn’t accomplish what you had wanted for the past year.

Maybe you have a new vision or idea for the future that you want to bring to life.

Maybe you’re just ready to try something different.

Then you’re ready to take action now!

Creating positive changes in our lives may seem a bit overwhelming at first because we don’t know where to start. However, if we start with small, simple steps, it is easier for us to get results. Then, we gain momentum and start to realize that anything is possible.

Taking small, simple and consistent steps is key to setting ourselves up for success and moving us in the direction of our goals and dreams. These positive changes will not only improve your mood but will also generate fulfillment and joy in your overall life. Sounds awesome, right?!

Here are some simple tips to start creating positive changes in your life today.


# 1: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I know, sounds scary from the get-go. However, doing something that makes us uncomfortable and pushes us to step outside of our “safety box” is exactly how we get out of our comfort zone.  Why, you ask, do we want to do that?!

This “stepping out” forces us into unfamiliarly territory and pushes us to “feel the fear and do it anyway”. What is truly awesome about this is that once we do it, we are shown how truly strong, brave, and capable we are. When we accomplish supposedly hard things, it gives us the confidence to try other new things and this opens doors to so many more opportunities. We never know whom we might meet or come across in this journey of stepping out, right?! Isn’t that thought exciting in itself?!


# 2: Meet New People

I have found so many rewards in joining new Clubs, Meet-Up Groups, and Networking Events. Getting involved in new groups will also open doors for you to meet and spend time with like-minded individuals.  Being social is an easy way to add fun and excitement into your life, plus bring new rewarding connections, new opportunities, new friendships, and also the sense of accomplishment that comes from putting yourself out there. I am quite sure that by you joining a new group, etc., that the other people in the group received the same opportunities by meeting you. It feels good to join new groups and do different activities while getting to know, perhaps, your new closest friends or business associates. Get out and mingle!


# 3: Learn Something New

I have always had a passion for learning. I think most people do. How about taking that cooking class you’ve always wanted to take? Would you like to learn a foreign language?  Maybe taking a writing class, or learning to teach yoga at your local community college would be fun for you? Expanding your knowledge is always a positive experience and even better when you get to share your knowledge with others. By the way, I suggest reconnecting with your heart in this area as well. Was there something you wanted to do as a little girl and didn’t have the opportunity? Ask yourself … maybe there is a tap dancer inside of you wanting to play.


# 4: Engage With Positive People

Surround yourself with people who lift you up.  It is said that the five people you spend the most of your time with are the ones whom you become most like. As I have gotten older, I realized that there are some people that no longer serve me because of the negativity they bring into my life.  Life is too short to be around people who bring me down. I suggest surrounding yourself with positive, influential people that support your dreams and don’t cast judgments on the goals you have for yourself.  Surround yourself with people whom you can learn from and grow with.


# 5: Get Creative

I am by nature a very creative person, and I believe that creativity sparks so much positivity! Plus, it’s a way for you to have fun and express yourself.  Creativity comes in many forms, so I suggest doing what makes you happy as often as you are able.  Do you like to paint, or write short stories? Do you love to play in the kitchen and create new recipes? All of these activities can be shared with your friends as well.


# 6: Volunteer

I don’t think anything make one feel as good as serving others and volunteering in one’s community.  When we give of ourselves, it is truly a priceless gesture.  There are so many ways to share your time and talents with others.  The more you do it, the easier it becomes, and the more opportunities that come your way to help out. It truly feels amazing to help others!


# 7: Let Go Of The Past

The past is just that – the past. Please don’t let old situations continue to haunt you.  You did the best you could at the time … acknowledge yourself for the experience and the lessons learned from it.  None of us are perfect and we are meant to make mistakes so that we learn and grow. There is no reason to feel guilty or ashamed – you did the best you could. Forgive yourself and let go. You deserve your own forgiveness.


# 8: Evaluate Your Daily Habits

What are you doing in your daily routine that might be bringing you down? Do you spend endless hours scrolling through social media?  Do you eat the foods that are good for you, and pay attention to nutrition?  The key to happiness and feeling good is implementing good habits into your daily routine and life.  Choose an area you would like to work on and set a goal.  This can be as simple as morning journaling before you start your day.  How about a walk outside in nature, or developing an exercise routine that you love? Start small with one area you wish to change and do it for at least 21 days.  This time frame has been known to make a new habit stick.  Creating new positive habits will improve your life overall.

Remember, creating positive change can begin with one simple step.

Take some time to reflect on who you are, who you want to be and what you truly desire.

Review the tips I’ve suggested above and reflect on which ones resonate most with you today. Journal about any ideas or insights that may arise. Then choose ONE tip that you feel called to take action on your life right now and begin to incorporate it into your day or week.

Think of it as a Life Experiment. There is no right or wrong choice or action. The key to creating change is to just do something different or try something new and watch what happens.  You can do this!

Commit to implementing your new action for 30 days and then assess the results that come from it.


If you’re feeling up to it, I’d love to hear from YOU.

Which tip above resonates with you most? Do you have another favorite tip that you’ve used to help you redesign your life?

What tip can you share with others who are looking to make positive changes in your life that they could try as part of their journey?

Leave a comment below and share what’s on your mind.

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Remember, you were made to thrive,


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