Is having a self-care practice a priority in your life?

In theory, when we are asked that question our immediate answer is YES. But if we are honest and look at our daily habits, routines and mindsets; we often find that self-care is at the bottom of our lists.

I know it was for me until my health issues forced me to rethink how I was living my life and how I could make my happiness and well-being a priority so I could heal.

When most people think about self-care or soul care, they think about eating healthy, exercising, spending time with God, setting intentions and creating positive affirmations. While all those things are a part of self-care, there is much more.

Self-care is key to thriving and creating a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life. It’s a way to show yourself that you matter as much as anyone else.

Remember, you are the foundation of your life. Everything is built from and upon You. The healthier and happier you are on the inside, the better your life will be on the outside.

Here are some of the insights I’ve gained and tips I’ve used that have helped me create my own unique practice. I hope they will do the same for you.

3 Self-Care Practices To Help You Thrive.

Self-Care Practice # 1: Know yourself & embrace who you are today.

Self-care is about continually connecting with your heart and soul and getting to know the real YOU.

It’s about embracing the woman you are today so you can honor, cherish and love Her with all her imperfections.

It’s about knowing your deepest desires and giving yourself permission to make your happiness and wellbeing a priority in your life.

Think About It.

Do you know what type of experiences, relationships and activities empower you to thrive? Do you know what brings you joy and energizes you? Take some time to journal about it and see what comes up. Choose one thing to add into your life today.

Do you know what habits, choices or beliefs no longer serve you and keep you feeling stuck? Create a list of what drains you and makes you feel defeated. Choose one thing that you can let go of or remove to free you up to receive something better.

Do you know what makes you feel proud of who you are at your core? Create a list of at least 3 positive words that describe yourself at your best. Meditate on that list every day until it automatically becomes part or your daily thinking.

Self-Care Practice # 2: Honor your truth & engage in experiences that empower you to be your best.

Self-care is about honoring your truth and what you need most today. It’s about creating situations that empower you to thrive and set yourself up for success.

This may mean stepping out of your comfort zone, connecting more with others, learning something new or adding more fun into your life.

Or, it may mean slowing down, decluttering, nesting or engaging in more internal practices like meditation, prayer or journaling.

It looks different for everyone.

Here’s what I mean.

Recently I had an opportunity to attend a great event. It was the kind of event that gets you pumped up, inspires you with new ideas, gets you connected with like-minded people, and all sorts of fun stuff.

While all of that was great, I decided not to go because it wasn’t the best choice for me at the time.

I was still healing from some health issues, was a bit overextended on some projects and “to-do’s” and was beginning to redesign my business to be more aligned with my new lifestyle.

After taking some time to reflect and pray, I came to the realization (with a little divine guidance) that I didn’t need MORE at that time, I needed LESS.

I needed to rest, reflect and follow God’s plan to build a firm foundation for the upcoming months. Self-care at that point in my life was about listening to the quiet whisper of my soul and what she (my soul) was calling me to do so that I could thrive again.

Take some time to reflect on your own life. Is there something that you feel called to do that would honor the truth of who you are today and set yourself up for success? Trust your calling and do it!

Self-Care Practice # 3: Understand that healthy mind=healthy life.

Self-care is about having a healthy mind. Sometimes this part of self-care is overlooked. I know I forget about it when I’m “too” busy.

A healthy mind is key to thriving and creating a healthy life.

We need to pay attention to what we listen to, read, and watch because it lives in the background of our minds. It becomes the noise in our day.  We may not notice what is going on or recognize the impact it has in our lives until we’re burnt out, cranky, frustrated, or worse. And this is not good for us or anyone around us.

Unfortunately, the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that live in our minds don’t just change automatically from negative to positive. We have to take action and choose what we feed our minds and meditate on.

Here are some different ways you can feed your mind and change your focus:

*Think about God’s truth & wisdom. I listen to podcasts of God’s teachings during the day as it keeps my mind focused on what matters.

*Listen to music or messages that motivate you to be your best and keep going.

*Reading quotes or sayings that align with your values keep you focused in the right direction.

*Write a gratitude list to remind you of what’s good, positive, and working in your life. It gives me an immediate boost of love and renewed energy.

*Learn something new to expand your thinking and show you different ways to see, think and live.

*Watch funny shows to remind yourself that life doesn’t always have to be so serious.

Remember, having a self-care practice is key to living your best life.

Self-care is never selfish. It’s a way to love, honor and cherish yourself. It empowers you to show up in your life authentically and unapologetically.

The more you live your truth, nourish your soul and invest in your daily well-being; the easier it will be to live a happier life.

What about you? Do your actions towards yourself show yourself that you matter?

What does self-care mean to you?

What are some different ways that self-care is reflected in your life?


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