Has life thrown you a curve-ball recently?

Have there been unexpected challenges that have knocked you down?

Or, maybe you’re feeling like you can’t seem to catch a break?!

I know firsthand what that’s like because that’s been my life in 2019; and it was not part of my plan!

My health started to decline in Jan. It started with some severe digestive issues, moved into an injury to my shoulder and settled with a bulging disc in my neck. I lived with with severe pain for 75% of my day in my neck and back from mid-March until Mid-August.

Everything in my life came to a screeching halt!  My purposeful, soulful and realistic list of 2019 “To-Do’s” had to be put on hold. My business plans, vacation plans, exercise plans, hiking with my pup plans; and even binge watching my Netflix show plans with my Hubby were not possible to do without pain.

My plan of “doing” all these things had to shift to a plan of “resting and nourishing me.”

I decided that my primary focus had to be reclaiming myself and my health; and I’d re-evaluate next steps once I got better. I had to live in the day, moment by moment; depending on my level of pain. And at first, I was not a Happy Camper!

Yet, as I really started to nourish my soul, my body and my mind, my perspective began to shift. I was reminded that there are always blessings, insights and revelations to be discovered in every part of life’s journey; through the good times and the bad.

The truth is that everyone struggles and goes through difficult seasons; none of us can escape that.

If we’re objective in reviewing our own lives and even the lives of people we know, we can see that life IS a series of ups and downs.  There are hard times and amazingly beautiful times.

We try so hard to control what is going on around us, and unfortunately (or fortunately), some things are out of our control no matter what we do. And honestly, THAT can be a good thing.

I don’t believe we’re supposed to control everything in our lives. I believe we’re supposed to do our part, change the things we can and trust the outcome to God, The Universe or whatever else you believe guides your life.  There comes a time of surrender, letting go and acceptance of what IS. Then we can gain the wisdom we need to do what’s next to move forward. 

Difficult times are simply inevitable. However, the good news is that there are positive and healthy ways to work through them.

Here Are 5 Things To Remember During Those Difficult Times

These strategies helped me get out of my own head and my own way to slowly move through my challenges and get to the other side.  I hope they give you some encouragement, insight and a different perspective to help you move forward as well.

# 1. Remember That You Have Overcome Challenges Before.

This is not your first setback, roadblock, detour or storm that you’ve been through on your journey. You’ve been through challenging times before. You’ve gotten through them in the past, and you will get through them now. You’ve risen above, over and through so many tough times.

Acknowledge yourself and celebrate the fact that you are a warrior woman and you are fully equipped to overcome and deal with any challenges that come your way. Use the past circumstances as a “tool” or reminder that this too shall pass. YOU can handle it.

#2. Remember Your Faith.

When faced with a challenging moment in your life, keep your faith at the forefront of your mind. Trust HIM, be strong in HIM, and believe that HE has it all under control. He has a plan for your life and has equipped you with everything you need to be victorious in His strength.

Take time to stop, breathe and pray. Ask for Divine Guidance about solutions to your problems and possibilities for your life. If you are open to receiving, you will get an answer, an insight or some inner wisdom. Then have the courage to act upon it.

No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs are, having faith in God, or higher power, is an essential component to having the strength to endure what’s ahead.

# 3. Remember to Find the Beauty in Your Mess.

That may sound a little crazy. However, no matter what is going on in your life, there is always beauty in “the mess”; and always a lesson (or two) to learn. Your life is like a blank canvas just waiting for paint to cover it. Sometimes it may look like a child used finger paints on it. Other times, it may look like someone through paint splatters on it. And, other times, it may look like an incredible masterpiece created by Michelangelo himself.

Yet, if we choose to look at the canvas of our lives from different angles and perspectives, we can find and appreciate beauty in all the different paint designs. I encourage you to find the beauty in your mess as there is always something to learn from in it. Ask God what you need to learn, and what he is trying to teach you.

# 4. Remember to Relax and Renew.

Relaxing and renewing our minds, bodies, and souls during challenging times is essential for all of us in so many ways. It eases stress, calms our racing minds, connects us spiritually, to God or a higher power, and provides a fresh perspective on the situation.

Taking time for a daily practice of self-care and self-love can help us process, heal, and move on quicker than if we are not making our self-care a priority. Your health and well-being depend on you making yourself a priority; therefore, keep your self-care at the top of your list and don’t let it slip through the cracks especially in these difficult times.

You and your health are worth taking at least a few minutes every day to meditate, to write in your journal, and/or take a walk outside. I suggest doing whatever makes you feel the most peaceful.

# 5. Remember ONE Small Step Can Create Positive Change.

Lastly, it’s important for you to know that you can do One thing differently to make yourself feel better or move yourself forward. You could get some help. You could keep a journal. You could spend time with people you love. You could write a gratitude list. You could fill your mind with an uplifting messages from a podcast or a book.

When we feel powerless to change our circumstances, it often helps to make a list of the small, simple steps we can do to improve our mindset or our lives. Start there and just pick ONE.

Let’s be honest. Difficult times can be quite debilitating if we let them be.

However, if you remember to use the 5 strategies above, they can help get you through to the other side quicker. They can help transform your mind and help you find the inner strength to keep going when the going gets tough.

Pick one of the strategies and start today. Try it for one week and see how it makes you feel. I bet you’ll be surprised.

And remember, this too shall pass. You do have the power to control your thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions related to any circumstance you may face. You can rise again and stay strong!


If you’re feeling up to it, I’d love to hear from YOU.

How do you handle the difficult times in your life?

Please share your something that’s worked for you in the comments below.

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Remember, you were made to thrive,


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