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Hi, my name is Eleni Hope and I’m a spirited designer and creative soul.

My life is anchored in faith, family, creativity, and a service to others.


I am all about empowering women to rediscover their faith, reconnect with their spirit, and realign with their dreams; to blossom boldly, beautifully, and bravely into who they were meant to be.


Because only when we embrace our true selves, can we discover our divine calling and create the lives we were meant to life; while blessing others along the way.

And there’s nothing more powerful than that!



My heart and passion is to empower you on your journey of transformation as you blossom into who you are meant to be so you can create the life you were meant to live. I love transformation. The act of becoming, designing, creating and changing excites me! Old into new, dark into light, weak into strong, ordinary into extra-ordinary; you get the idea. You are at point A and you want to go to point B.


My goal is to help you get there by giving you the tools, inspirations and info you need to shift your thinking and take small daily steps to create big life changes from the inside out.


Basically, it means that everything I create is designed to help and teach you how to become your best You.

She believed she could, so she did. And so can you!


Yes you! Women, like you, who want to say YES to life, even if they don’t know how. Soul-centered women with big hearts and unbreakable spirits that rise-from-the-ashes, change directions, start over, walk by faith and do it again. Women who are reinventing, recreating, redefining and rejuvenating their lives. To help you stay rooted in your faith, anchored in your truth and focused on your purpose as you navigate life’s challenges.

Because sometimes we all lose our way, forget who we are, get stuck in the mud and can’t see the light. I’ve been there too. And we were never meant to travel alone. We were meant to be in community, to share our experiences, support each other along the way and celebrate our victories to; no matter what they might be.




I’d love to connect and share your journey with you. Whether you want an affirmation bracelet to keep you focused, tips & techniques to move you forward or a workshop to reignite your spark; I can help. Spend some time here and discover the possibilities ahead. Stay connected and sign up for our newsletter.


I am a creator. 

For me, creating is a spiritual experience that connects me to my true nature, to God and to all the possibilities in life. I love taking ideas and turning them into something tangible. I am a self-taught jewelry designer, mixed media artist, writer and entrepreneur.

I am an encourager & perpetual cheerleader.

It brings me great joy to help other women recognize all the goodness, beauty and talents that they already have. I want to help others believe in themselves and navigate the challenging times to be triumphant in their own lives.

I am a Life-Enthusiast.

I see beauty and goodness and joy every day in the ordinary experiences of life. I have learned to “anticipate the positive” most of the time and it’s contagious. There are always new opportunities, blessings and gratitudes to be found, if you look for them.

I am a teacher.

I am an experiential learner and am happy to share my experience, strength and hope from my journey with others. I have developed my own strategies, tools, action plans and resources that have empowered and enabled me to blossom from the inside out and love to pass those on to others.

I am a Connector.

Community and connections have always been important to me. I want to help women connect with themselves, with others and with God in meaningful and unique ways. After all, the most important parts of our lives are the relationships we build and cherish.

I am a storyteller and writer.

Each of us has a voice that deserves to be heard and a unique message that is meant to be shared. I help women express themselves and share their stories, beliefs and feelings through my collection of jewelry and designs. It’s a great honor for me to contribute to another person’s life in that way.

I am a Brave-Hearted Traveler.

My motto is “do it afraid!” I am a seeker, explorer, calculated risk-taker and a dream follower; most of which I’ve done a little afraid. I say “yes” to life even when I don’t know how. Faith, trust and courage are muscles that I must continually exercise on a daily basis.

I am a Believer.

I see God at work everywhere and have experienced miracles in my life. I believe that God has created each of us with unique gifts, passions, personalities, skills and more to enrich our lives and be of service to others; but we don’t always recognize what we’ve been given or how to use them. I believe that when we reconnect with God and the person we were meant to be, we blossom and create lives that we want to live.



My whole life has been about encouraging others through my creativity to connect with God, see the good in themselves, rise above their circumstances and realize their dreams. From the time I was a kid I was writing cards, poems, stories and making gifts to lift the spirits of those I loved. As I got older, I continued encouraging others and helping them become their best selves. I believe God gave me a gift of encouragement and it brings me unbelievable joy to empower others to make their dreams/goals come true. I’ve overcome a lot of trauma in my life with God’s help and the support of friends and family and truly know that the best parts of me have come from the hardest times in my life.

The greatest challenge in my own life has been overcoming fear, negative thinking and limiting beliefs as a result of a lot of traumatic things that have happened to me over the years. There were many times in my life where I didn’t believe I was good enough in one way or another, or even deserved happiness just for me. I’d experienced so many hurts, betrayals, violations and setbacks that it affected the way I viewed life and myself. I allowed myself to be defined by those events and made choices based on the lies I believed. That destructive mindset kept me emotionally imprisoned for years and affected every area of my life; making it very difficult for me to create a life I wanted or be the person I was meant to be. My life became a continual struggle and I became paralyzed by my own feelings of inadequacy and fear. I was defeated before I even started.




Then, I discovered the power of faith, prayer, gratitude and “positive thinking.” I believe in the power of words & thoughts to transform lives. I’ve experienced it first hand in my own life and the lives of my family. In a “light bulb moment,” I heard God’s still small voice tell me to start believing His Truth over the voices in my head and my life would change. Not to get too “out there’, but it was a very miraculous experience for me. So I did. I started talking to God throughout the day. I started memorizing divine truths and principles to repeat throughout the day. I started reading affirmations to myself. I started collecting uplifting quotes and taping them to my wall. I started acting “as if” I believed the words I was saying to myself and stepped out in faith to take action; even when I was afraid. I started to focus on my blessings and the good things in my life and my spiritual transformation began. That was back in 1986, the decade of big hair & big shoulder pads and I was 25.

I’d love to say that all my traumas, setbacks, mistakes and fears ended forever on that day in 1986, but I can’t. I’d love to say that I’ve realized every dream, accomplished every goal and am exactly who I want to be all the time, but I can’t say that either. What I can say is that I’ve learned to trust that God loves me and wants to bless me. I’ve learned that prayer works. I’ve learned to embrace who I am and bloom wherever I am planted; most of the time! I’ve learned that when I choose to focus and meditate on uplifting messages, what is good, what works and what I’m grateful for in my life; I blossom and my life is filled with joy, love, peace, passion and purpose. When my thoughts stay grounded in Divine truths and promises, they stay healthy and positive. I act according to what I believe and my life improves. I begin to see solutions. I become fearless, resourceful and empowered. It becomes easy for me to experience joy, celebrate my journey and laugh at my own imperfections. I am able to take action to create a life that is fulfilling and meaningful to me and bless others along the way. This is part of my daily self-care routine.

God put on my heart to use the gifts, talents & abilities he’s given me to encourage and bless others; especially other women. When I was 10 God told me that everything that I would go through in my life would be used to give others hope, encouragement & motivation to keep going and be who they were meant to be.

Choose to blossom, get inspired and take action now. Join our community for ongoing support, encouragement, strategies.

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