Do you need a mindset reset to get unstuck? If you’re stuck and struggling to move forward, it may be time.

Mindset plays a huge role in our ability to thrive and design our best lives. It is a key factor in whether we reach our goals and realize our dreams.

We often hold ourselves back from doing or creating the things we want most without even realizing it. We tend to focus on our circumstances and lifestyle as the reasons we’re stuck and can’t move forward. Yet, the truth is, it’s usually our mindset that needs adjusting.

Maybe you have a dream, desire or goal that you’ve been trying to make happen and haven’t been able to yet.  Maybe you’ve been trying to make changes in yourself or your life and keep getting stuck. Or maybe you get excited by passion projects that you’d love to bring to life and then talk yourself out of them.

All of that is mindset.

Until your mind is in the right place, you’ll just continue to spin your wheels and make very little progress.  If your mindset is driven by negative thoughts, fears, doubts and distrust, it’s hard to move forward to make the changes that you want.

It may be time for you to examine your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes and do a mindset reset.

What Is Your Mindset, Really?

The dictionary definition of “mindset” is: (n). the established set of attitudes held by someone.

Your mindset includes your thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, expectations and interpretations. A positive mindset can set you up for success. A negative mindset can contribute to your being stuck and unable to create the life you want.

Everything in your life is influenced by your mindset: how you feel about yourself, the way you interact with the world, who you choose to be your friends, what you talk about, what kind of job you take, business you start and how you take care of you.

Your mindset dictates your limiting or empowering beliefs, your expectations of success or failure, your ability to focus and your general attitude about life.

Most of the time, we aren’t even aware we have negative thought patterns. They can be so ingrained in us that we can’t to see them. And once we do recognize them, we don’t always know how to change them.

It’s common for each of us to experience mindset blocks around specific situations or challenges at some point in our lives.  It’s not a sign of weakness or failure. It’s a sign that we’re human.

However, if you want to increase your chances of success in reaching your goals and dreams, you must have a mindset that allows this to happen.

How Do You Know If Your Mindset Needs A Reset?

It’s not always easy to tell. Most of the time, we don’t even realize what we’re thinking. Our mind is constantly being filled with ideas, beliefs, thoughts and information. It can be a very noisy place.

In order to identify your current mindset, you must intentionally notice the repeating thoughts that pop into your head every day. These are the thoughts that you say to yourself without thinking in certain situations.

For example, imagine that you’ve always wanted to run a marathon and constantly think about training to get in shape. There will be some automatic thoughts and feelings that will come up for you around the idea of doing it. What are they saying?

Are they negative like, “What makes me think I can get healthy enough to do this?  I doubt I’ll be able to find time to train. I’m probably too old.” Or are they positive like, “I know this will be great for me. I’m so excited to make this happen. There are so many possibilities for me to create a healthier lifestyle.”

Do the things you tell yourself build you up or tear you down? Do they move you forward or keep you stuck?

If most of your repeating thoughts are negative, dis-empowering, critical, fearful or unkind; it’s time for a mindset reset!

Just like your garden can grow weeds if don’t take care of it and nurture the soil, so can your mind.

Here Are Some Common Blocks And Mindset Resets.

When you’re stuck and can’t seem to get out of your own way, do a reality check to see if any of them are true for you.

Comparison Mindset Block

You think things like “She’s a better Mom. She’s more talented. She’s more confident than I am.” You don’t feel smart enough, pretty enough, together enough etc. This all stems from comparing yourself to other people or how you think you “should” be. Comparison will always make you feel less than and not enough.

Mindset Reset: 

Put your focus back on YOU. Notice how much you’ve grown or improved. Notice your accomplishments. Notice what you’ve learned about yourself and how it’s changing your behaviors and actions for the better. Write these things down and meditate on them often.


Perfectionism Mindset Block

You believe the lie that nothing is worth doing if it’s not done perfectly or “right.” You find yourself trying to make all your tasks, projects and activities the best they can be; no matter how long it takes. It’s hard for you to step out of your comfort zone because you don’t want to make mistakes. This keeps you stuck, prevents you from taking any action and sets you up for failure.

Mindset Reset: 

Give yourself permission to be imperfect. Focus on progress over perfection. Decide that everything is just an experiment. Choose the smallest action or step you’re willing to take, imperfectly and do it. Then you’ll be able to try new things, put yourself out there, and not beat yourself up for being human. Find joy in the experience.


Problem Focused Mindset Block

You tend to focus on your problems, limitations, weaknesses and what’s not working.  You spend most of your time thinking about the things that are going wrong in your life. (I don’t have enough money; I’ve gained weight; I’m stressed out all the time; My job sucks etc.)   Negative thoughts grow other negative thoughts. The more you ruminate on the negative, the longer you stay stuck in a negative cycle.

Mindset Reset:

Shift your thinking from “What’s wrong?” to “What’s right?” Try to list 10 things each day that are going right in your life, even if they are as small as finding a parking space near the entrance of mall in the rain. Get in a habit of noticing when your negative thoughts come up and instead of indulging them, intercept them with your “What’s going right?” list. 


The ” I Don’t Know” Mindset

The “I don’t know” mentality will keep you from moving forward in any direction. You ignore your own inner wisdom. You do have an opinion, idea or desire that you feel would be best or right for you. You do have a sense of which direction you want to go. You’re just afraid to make a choice and take any action.  And by not making a choice, you are making a choice to give up the life you want to live.

Mindset Reset:

Realize that you have the power to make decisions for your own life. Give yourself permission to own your truth and admit that you do know some of the things that you want. It could be “I know that I want to learn photography, or I know I want to exercise every day.” Focus on making one small choice that will lead you in the direction you want to go. Then take one step forward.


“I’ll Be Happy When” Mindset

You think, “I’ll be happy when…….” You base your happiness on outside circumstances. You’ll be happy when you start a business, have more friends, lose the weight, your kids do chores, buy your house etc. At the same time, you put the things that would make you happy now on hold because it’s not the right time or other people’s happiness is more important. This type of thinking contributes to your own unhappiness and frustration.

Mindset Reset:

Take responsibility for your own happiness. Stop waiting for “someday.” Make small daily choices that make you happy now. You can choose to be happy now while you’re working towards creating a better life. Decide to commit to one thing a day that brings you joy. It could something as small as listening to your favorite music on your commute to work or playing with your dog.


Self-Doubt Mindset Blocks

You continuously question whether you have what it takes to succeed, reach your goals or realize your dreams. You think, “I’m not sure I can do it. What if I’m not smart enough? It probably won’t work. It’s probably not a good idea” Here’s the thing. If you believe you can’t, you won’t. You end up giving up and settling before you do your best to make “it” happen.

Mindset Reset:  

Start by remembering all the things from your past that you thought you wouldn’t be able to do and then you did. Write them down on a piece of paper. Draw a line down the center. Label the left column: Things I thought I couldn’t do. Label the right column: Things I did anyway. Think back throughout your life and list everything at one point that you believed you couldn’t do, but then succeeded. This is a great way to challenge your own doubts and prove yourself wrong.

Negative mindsets can be major blocks in your journey to designing the life you want.

However, there is a way through to become victorious on the other side.

If you are experiencing any of these blocks, you’re not alone. I’ve experienced them all and so have my clients.

The good news is, once you start to recognize your own mindset blocks, you can start to challenge them. You can look for exceptions to the rule and gather evidence to prove they are not 100% true. Then you can begin replacing your faulty thinking with more realistic thoughts.

Remember, the sooner you learn how to identify and diffuse your mindset blocks, the sooner you’ll be able to thrive and start living a more fulfilling life.


Take some time to evaluate your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. Challenge what you believe to be true. Ask yourself if you are open to a mindset reset and then commit to taking one action step this week to change your mind.

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