Do you feel like it may be time to shift directions in your life? Is your soul calling you into something new? Are you longing to start over, but you’re questioning if you’re really, ready to change?

I’m guessing that’s where you are, if you’re reading this article.

Maybe you’ve had the realization that “things” are just not working. Maybe you have a dream that you want to bring to life. You’ve been just surviving instead of thriving. You’re exhausted, burnt out and stressed from being “there” for everything and everyone else.

Or maybe you’ve just decided to make your well-being and happiness more of a priority in your own life.

The “why” doesn’t matter. You just know that you’ve arrived at the “I don’t want to live like this anymore” moment; as most people do, just before they’re ready to change their lives.

These are moments where we’re called to redesign our lives from the inside out; so, we can grow, evolve, thrive and make an impact in our world. It can be scary. We know that we need to shift our course to become more of who we were meant to be; yet we still question ourselves.

You may be wondering if you are ready. In theory it sounds like a good idea, but, are you open and willing to make the changes you crave?

I’ve learned that there are always signs from God, the Universe or the Divine wisdom that guides our lives about our next steps. We just need to stop, breathe and pay attention to what’s going on in our heart and soul.

7 Signs You’re Ready To Change:

I challenge you to check in with your heart and soul to listen for the answers. Then take one small step in the direction you’re being led.

You continuously focus on what isn’t working and what you don’t like.

You’re living a life you don’t want. You see problems, obstacles and dead ends everywhere. You’re not who you want to be. Your soul feels empty and completely out of alignment with how you want to live. You feel restless, dissatisfied and discontent most of the time. Sometimes you wish you could just run away and start over as someone new.

You are confused and stuck.

You’ve been trying to figure things out and make things happen; yet, have been unable to move forward. You may be feeling stuck in the place you live, in your work, in the past or in your patterns and behaviors. You have goals, ideas and dreams that you struggle to bring to life. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to make any progress in the direction you want to go. You keep spinning your wheels and going in circles.

You feel like you’ve lost yourself and your way.

You feel out of sorts and disconnected from yourself, your faith and your purpose. You don’t feel like the “real” you anymore. You feel scattered without a plan and it feels like you’re wandering aimlessly through life in a fog. Deep down you know there’s a better way to live. You know that it’s time to find yourself again and what matters most to you.

You can’t wait for the day to end.

You spend most of the day counting down the hours until………until your job ends, the kids go to bed, you can get alone time, you can be with your friends, husband etc. You don’t like how you’re spending your time and wish the moments away. You don’t want to be in the present. You feel trapped and suffocated by your daily responsibilities and situation.

You’re tired of merely surviving.

You’ve been going through the motions of life and living by default. You’ve been letting life just happen and reacting to it. You’ve been busy managing, scheduling and taking care of “people and things.”  You’re done living on the back burner; feeling unhappy, frustrated, stressed and unfulfilled. You know You know in your heart that it’s your time to thrive.

Your soul is calling you to be, have, and do more.

You feel called to more; to live your passion and your purpose.  You have a vision or a dream. It isn’t completely clear and you’re not sure where you’ll end up; but things within you are shifting. You know that once you say “Yes” to that little voice inside nudging you along; your life will be transformed for the better. You’ll experience more peace, joy, passion and meaning.

You’re going through a major life upheaval.

The foundation is falling apart. Life as you knew it no longer exists. Whether it’s due to a loss, difficult season, health issue or personal rock bottom, these types of challenges usually require a change of course to move forward. You know it’s time to tear down the old to build something new and become a better you in the process.

You’re done waiting.

You’ve been waiting for the right time when you have enough bravery, enough money, enough confidence. You’ve been waiting for something big to happen, some sort of sign that tells you it’s okay to create the life you want. You’ve had both real and perceived excuses that have stopped you in your tracks.  And now you’re ready to step out in faith and do it afraid.

If you can resonate with any of the signs described above, you’re ready to change. You’re ready to listen to your heart, follow your intuition and take inspired action. This is the confirmation you need for your next step.

Here Are 3 Steps To Get Started Today:

Step 1: Get clear on what you do want in the next 90 days

It’s so easy to get paralyzed by the idea of making big changes for our entire life. That’s why I suggest starting with the next 90 days before you. Take some time today and get really clear on the top 3 things you want in the next 90 days. What is important to you? How do you want to feel moving forward? What would make you feel excited and triumphant. Getting clear on what you want is the first step.

Step 2: Release what no longer serves you.

Think about yourself, your life and the world. Make a list of all your beliefs, habits, behaviors and patterns. Then create 2 sections. One for what helps, supports and sets you up for success. The other for what limits you and keeps you stuck. Put your beliefs, habits, patterns and behaviors into the correct section. Recognizing what “stuff” no longer serves you is a great way to shift your energy and focus towards what does.

Step 3: Get Support to move forward

Creating change can often be difficult, even if it’s something you want. We can get stuck in our old stories, patterns and blind spots.  Our self-talk can bounce between “I can do this!” to “Who am I kidding?” Get whatever support you need to move forward. Create affirmations, pray, reach out to friends, family, partners or other professional to help you on your journey. We were never meant to travel alone.

Some final thoughts on your journey to begin again….

As you’re going through your journey of transition and beginning again, be sure you celebrate every step along the way. Acknowledge your courage and boldness at recreating your life and walking down a new path. It takes faith and trust to step out into the unknown. Be proud of yourself! View the process as an adventure and have fun with it.

Once you’ve reached the other side — to the new you, the new home, the new job, the new dream — you’ll experience a sense of freedom, triumph and empowerment that will stay with you always.  You’ll understand how full of possibilities life is and how capable you are of recreating, redirecting and reinventing if you choose.


The journey of change can be both exciting and scary at the same time. That’s why many of us want “guarantee’s” before we step out of our comfort zone.

Do you resonate with any of the signs listed above? If so, what are you ready to change?

Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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Remember, you were made to thrive,




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