Are you feeling stuck and long to find clarity to move forward to create the life you want?

Maybe you’re not sure how to create change in your life.

Maybe you’re at a crossroads and don’t know which path would be best.

Maybe you’re confused about a decision you need to make.

Maybe you know its time to live differently but aren’t sure what to do next.

Maybe you just feel out of alignment with your true self and path.

Wherever you’re stuck, lacking clarity can be frustrating, exhausting and prevent you from moving forward.

How are you supposed to be intentional and take steps towards your goals and dreams when you aren’t sure what they are?

Here’s what I believe. Most of us do know what we want deep in our souls.  We’ve just lost sight of what it is.

We spend so much time meeting other people’s expectations and putting their needs, goals and desires first; that we neglect to take time to focus on and define our own dreams and desires.

Our minds become so crowded with the voices, ideas, “shoulds” and “Expert” advice from everyone else that we can’t hear our own inner wisdom.

The good news is there is a solution!

Everything you need is already inside of you. You just need to access it. True clarity comes from going within. It comes from connecting with God, your Divine wisdom or your highest self to guide your life. It comes from tuning into you; your heart, your soul, your truth. And I can help you do that.

Here Are 5 Of My Favorite Exercises to Help You Find Clarity

These exercises are designed to help you to tune into yourself and access the wisdom and answers that are deep within your soul.


Mental clutter disconnects us from our true selves, our heart’s desires, our purpose and what matters most. We end up stuck, confused and blocked from the clarity we need to create the lives we want to live.

Think of it this way. You’re in the car driving to an unknown place. There’s traffic on the road and it’s getting dark. The music is playing, the kids are laughing in the back seat, the dog is barking, your husband is calling; and you’re trying to listen to the GPS to get directions to your destination. That’s what it’s like in our minds most of the time.

Before you can get the wisdom, insights, and clarity you crave; you need to clear your mind and quiet the noise.

This Clearing Exercise can help you do that. It’s a great self-awareness tool to show you what kind of things fill your head during your day.

Set your timer for 10 minutes. Close your eyes and wait. Within a few seconds, your mind will be flooded with ideas and thoughts. Write each one down; no matter how silly or random it may seem. Once the timer goes off, you’re done.

Get a piece of paper and divide it into three columns. Review your list and put your ideas into the appropriate categories.

Column 1: Issues/ideas that must be addressed in the next 24 hours.

Column 2: Issues/ideas that must be addressed in the next 7-10 days.

Column 3: Issues/ideas that can be addressed in the next month.

Now that you have everything out of your mind and onto paper, you can refer to it as needed. This will make room for you to think and be open to new, more productive thoughts.


This Intuitive Journaling Exercise is great if you’re open to the idea of connecting with something greater than yourself for wisdom and direction. It could be God, the universe, the Divine or your soul’s calling.

Start by asking for guidance and by being open to the insights you receive. Set the intention to connect with your spirit and let your inner voice come out through your writing. Ask for clarity, your next step, which path is best and for help in making decisions.

Here are some prompts to ask yourself to get you started. Focus on what brings you joy, love, happiness and peace.

  • What do you love doing?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • What qualities do you admire most in yourself or others?
  • What would light you up most to be able to achieve?
  • What’s the next right step for you to make it happen?
  • Who do you need to become to live your best life?

Write down any ideas, insights, thoughts or revelations that come up during this spiritual process. Review your answers and circle ones that “feel” the most authentic and right for you. Make a short list of your top three and the clarity you received around them.


This Visioning Exercise can help you connect and align with your highest self. You’ll get clear on the type of person you want to be and how to become more of Her.

List 10 qualities that you’d love to embody most in your life. Choose ones that make you feel like the “real” you.

Think about your favorite qualities and the qualities of others that you like, respect, and admire. Think about how you could embody more of those qualities in your life in a way that is unique to you. For example, if you admire and love a friend’s easy-going attitude, how could you become a little more easy-going in your own life?

Ask yourself the following questions to help yourself define you:

  • What are the qualities I show when I’m being my highest and most authentic Me?
  • What are the experiences, activities, relationships etc that bring out the best in me?
  • What new habits can I create to empower me be my best and most authentic self?
  • I feel like the best version of myself when I’m doing or being……………………………………
  • When I’m my best version of me it makes me feel…………………………..
  • It’s easier for me to be my best Me when………………………………….

So often we focus on what we want to have. Yet, deciding who we want to be is equally important. This exercise will empower you to define yourself and then decide what you need to do to become more of that person.


This Visualizing Exercise helps you connect with how you want to feel and experience your life.

You can use this exercise to imagine yourself actually taking action on what you’ve been considering. See yourself living your choice as if you’re watching yourself in a movie.

You can do this completely in your mind or write out the story you are imagining. Once you’ve seen yourself living your choice and taking action, it’s time to tune into how you feel.

Did you feel fear? Regret? Excitement? Contentment? Peace? Did you feel proud of yourself? Authentic? Empowered? Happy?

This exercise will give you a good indication of what feels right and aligned for you.

Write down the action steps you imagined that felt best to you and commit to incorporating one into your life this week.


You may not know what you want, but I’m sure you know what you don’t want!

Grab a piece of paper and a pen and draw a line vertically down the center of the paper.

At the top of the page, write down what you want clarity about. For example, “I want clarity around where to move.”

In the left column, write down everything you don’t want related to the area that you’re seeking clarity about.

Next, go through every point you listed on the left and write down what you think the opposite would be on the right. For example, if you wrote down, “I don’t want to live in a rural area”, the opposite might be “I want to be able to walk my dog to town” or “I want to be able to be in walking distance to shops.”

Remember, there can be more than once answer for each point you’ve listed on the left. Once you’ve completed this exercise, circle the answers that feel possible and enjoyable to you.

Make a list of your top three ideas and one action step for each that you could take towards moving forward.


Now that you’ve found some clarity from the exercises above, it’s time to take action to move forward towards creating the life you want.

Finding clarity is just the first step. To create change, you need to act based on the answers and insights you received. Unfortunately, the only way to get unstuck is by taking action, no matter how small it may be.

Remember, you just need enough clarity and trust in yourself to take one small step forward. One way to help you take imperfect action and push through the fears is with a plan.

Here’s a simple action plan to get you started.

  • Choose one of the exercises above.
  • Select one of the answers or insights you received that gave you clarity.
  • Write a doable goal down that you feel confident you can achieve in 30 days.
  • Write 1-3 small, action steps you can each day take to reach your goal.
  • Commit to it for 30 days.

Getting clear about what you really want may take some trial and error. The key is to try something that feels “right” to you and moves you closer to your destination.

The more clarity you have about who you are and who you want to be, the easier it will become to trust yourself and the choices you make.



If you’re feeling up to it, I’d love to hear from YOU.

Which of the clarity exercises above resonates most with you? Try one and let me know how it goes. You don’t need 100% clarity. you just need enough clarity to take a step forward.

Leave a comment below and share what’s on your mind.

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Remember, you were made to thrive,


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