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It’s Been An Honor To Work With These Amazing Women

“Before working with Eleni I had so much going on in both my personal and professional life. I was not only grieving the loss of loved one, but was also in the initial stages of setting up my new business. I felt lost not knowing how to cope with my emotions while trying to focus on my business. I was struggling with how to move forward with my desire to start my own business while still feeling stuck in the emotional rollercoaster after a major change in my life.

The support I received from Eleni was beyond what I could have hoped for. Her dedication to helping me move forward was tremendous. What makes Eleni so unique is her open heart, her willingness to share wisdom from her personal stories, her authenticity, and her sense of humor and light hearted nature. Yet at the same time, she holds you accountable to yourself.

Through our work together, I learned how to balance my personal life, while still pushing forward with starting my own business. I also learned how to accept myself for where I currently was at the time. I allowed myself to move forward in confidence that God had my back no matter what. Since meeting Eleni, I have noticed that it easier for me to quickly shift my thoughts from a negative place to something more positive. My mind has completely opened to a new way of looking at the world, having more faith in God and embracing who I am. The support I received from Eleni was beyond what I could have hoped for.

Anita Naumoff

I started working with Eleni to figure out what to do next in my new business. I was completely lost, confused and stuck. I was questioning my decisions, my ideas and myself. I needed guidance and direction to move forward and get past what was holding me back. Eleni helped me identify the blocks in my way, push past my fears, and see the possibilities in my business and myself. Together, we created a plan with clear steps for the next few months. I became more confident and able to take imperfect action.

Eleni’s support of my mission and ability to hold space for me during this process was one of my favorite things about working with her. She was always encouraging, empathetic and gave great suggestions. Her guidance came from her heart and strong connection to God and that was important to me.  Eleni is an incredibly authentic and intuitive person. She can listen to what is and isn’t being said, ask the “right” questions and help you find the answers in yourself. Working with Eleni was a great experience that changed my life for the better. I’d recommend her to anyone.

Tara Marulli

My family and work life were completely out of balance. I was easily distracted and confused about how to start my new business, while being “there” for my kids. Eleni helped me turn my daydreaming into doing and get things done. I created a blog, set up a Facebook group and started marketing my new business. I was also able to create a doable plan to balance my work and family and move forward with my life.

Eleni’s honesty and directness helped me get “real” with myself. She would give me suggestions and several days later I would hear her voice and guidance in my head. I never realized what an impact her coaching had on every area of my life. Working with Eleni helped me find the clarity and confidence I needed to create a better life.

Thea Jorbina

I was just starting a new phase of my life after a major realization when Eleni and I began to work together. I really appreciated having a safe place to share my emotions and figure things out. Eleni’s directness, compassion, and all the time we spent talking through these life changes made my journey much easier. I am proud to say, I am not the same woman I was when we first met; I am more confident, have created a support system for myself, and I no longer look for healing from the outside, but know how to find it within me. I am comfortable with myself and have the tools I need to continue growing. I also feel much more aligned to who God wants me to be. Today I have deep gratitude for Eleni in my life!”
Colleen Harris

When I started working with Eleni, I was full of emotions that were out of control. She has helped me by giving me hope and inspiration. She helped me to find my spiritual path by having an open mind. From this I was able to approach things differently in life.

I am very grateful for Eleni being in my life. Thank you Eleni!


When I started working with Eleni, I was feeling confused and disempowered around weight loss. I was feeling hopeless and was frustrated that I was failing in this area of my life and wanted to know why. I was on an emotional rollercoaster and was tired of being stuck.

Through our work together, I gained greater clarity around the issue and became honest with myself. With Eleni’s support, I created action steps to help me reach my goals that were sensible and achievable. I learned how to calmly access missing the mark and explore and discover why. I felt safe to discuss and address the emotions that were keeping me blocked and learn new ways to manage them.

I loved that Eleni could be incredibly honest and kind at the same time. I could always here acceptance of who I was and empathy in her voice, even when she was saying something that I didn’t want to hear. She saw things about myself and my life that I couldn’t see. At times, she cared more about my healing than I cared about it myself. She taught me how to make myself a priority and take care of me.

Today, I am no longer engaged in negative thinking around the issue the issue. I’m clear about the mechanisms in me and the thoughts that were creating the stress in my life that set me up for failure. This has allowed me to move forward with clarity, purpose, and joy. I am a calmer, more confident and happier person, thanks to Eleni’s support and guidance.


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