There’s so much talk about being authentic, real, and true to You. But what does that mean?

When I think about being true Me, I think about being in alignment: body, mind, spirit, heart, and soul. I think about experiencing that deep sense of knowing “This is ME.” I think about the parts of Me that have lit me up and brought me joy, since I was a little girl, the qualities that connect me to God, my faith, my purpose, and something greater than myself.

I think about my passion to empower other women to embrace who they are, live their purpose and thrive in life. I think about what it feels like to thrive from the inside out and live my life in full bloom. And the list could go on and on.

What about you? What does Being True You mean to you?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the managing, navigating, processing, and doing of our lives; that we forget who we TRULY are and what matters most. It’s only when we take the time to stop, breathe, and reconnect with our soul that we can really know ourselves. It’s only in really knowing ourselves that we find the clarity and wisdom that we crave.

Everything begins with YOU. Knowing, embracing and being the “real” You is what enables you to thrive and live true.

So, I have a challenge for you. Make a date to spend the day alone with you. Go to a place that inspires you and makes you feel alive. Create a mini-retreat so you can get reacquainted with yourself. Take some time to reflect on YOU. I bet you’ll be inspired by what you find.

Try These Soulful Ways To Get Reacquainted With YOU.


Journal about your feelings.

One of the best ways to get in touch with your heart, soul and what makes you “YOU”, is through journaling. Before you get stressed at the idea, here me out. Journaling is just a way to get your thoughts, your ideas, your feelings, and your dreams out of your head and on to paper.

You’re not writing a term paper. You’re not writing anything to be published. You’re not going to have to share it with anyone except yourself and God. You don’t even have to write complete sentences. You can bullet point, scribble or just write words.

The only prerequisite is that you do it on your mini-retreat where you are connected spiritually, without distraction and feeling like the “real” you. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers about being YOU. Anything you discover is your TRUTH.

Describe the real You.

Think about how you’d you describe yourself. Who are you really in your heart & soul?

I want you to think about who you are on the inside. Remove your role as mom, wife, friend, entrepreneur, volunteer, and any other identity that you connect to. Remove the things you do, the actions you take and your accomplishments.  Remove how and where you live. Remove your association with anyone else.

Think about the person you are at your core and embrace her. Think about the person you believe you were created to be and claim her. Think about the person who energizes your life and love her.

Journal any ideas and thoughts that come to mind. Choose your top 5-10 ideas that embody you. That’s your Snapshot of You and your truth.

Decide to Become Who You Love

Once you start the journey of reconnecting with yourself, you’ll discover who you are and who you aspire to be. You may even find yourself comparing who you are to who everyone else seems to be; especially online. That’s ok.

We all have people that we admire, respect, love and even envy at times. We look at them and wonder why we can’t be like them. Maybe they laugh all the time, make great decisions, show love, have peace… you get the idea.

Well, I’d like to suggest that it’s great to love how others are, but it’s better to become who you love.

Take some time to think about who you’d love to become, not what you’d like to do. We so often see ourselves as human doers instead of human beings. I want you to think of who you want to BE. Because you get to make that choice and you can start now.

Start by listing all the different traits that you love, admire and respect in other people. Choose the top 3 characteristics, personality traits, feelings, qualities that you like to incorporate into yourself. For example: Become more peaceful. Become more fun. Become more decisive.

Create 1 small action step for each that you could take towards becoming that person now and do it.

Live Your Truth

Now you know who you are, who you’d like to become and what’s true for you. However, knowing your truth isn’t the same as living your truth. Living your truth is about making daily choices, taking daily actions, and creating daily habits that support the things that matter most to you. It’s being bravely, boldly, and beautifully “You” in everyday life.

Here are some quick tips to help you do that.

  • Know it. Name the things that are important to you now.
  • Claim it. Look at your life and how your choices, actions and habits may or may not align with what you value; and who you want to be.
  • Plan it. Make a list of all the ways that you’re willing be more authentically “You” in your daily life. Circle the ONE thing you’ll start today and find someone to share it with for accountability.

The more you live as YOU and align with your truth, the easier it will become to thrive and design your best life.

Give yourself permission to bloom.

Stop waiting for “someone else” to give you permission to bloom; boldly, bravely, and beautifully into who you were created to be. Deep in your soul you’ve always known who were, what made you special and what you are here to do. You just forgot.

Rise up and choose to be your highest and best self. Be your own kind of beautiful. Declare your unique purpose and place in the world. Share your heart and soul. Be the designer of your life and the decorator of your own garden. Know your worth and value. Embrace your imperfections.

Say YES to who you are and recognize that you were made to THRIVE; unapologetically!



Now I’d Love To Hear From You……………….

Which of the exercises above resonates with you most?

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

I invite you to share it in the comments below. Share with me your journey toward a more beautiful life.  And if you are still on your journey, share that too.

Remember, you were made to thrive,



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