Do you sometimes struggle to accept and embrace the changes that occur in your life?

You’re not alone. Whether change is forced upon you, or you’re the one who wants to make it happen; it is still hard.

No matter what the reason for the changes, we must always leave our comfort zone to make them happen or navigate through them.

Making changes in your life is so often accompanied by feelings of doubt, worry and fear. That’s because you’re entering uncharted waters, and the uncertainty can often become too much to deal with at times.

Sometimes your fears are the only things that are keeping you stuck and preventing you from thriving and living your best life.

My challenge to you is to be brave and do it afraid. Think of one tiny action that you can take, even though you are afraid, that will move you forward.

Rather than being fearful, why not face the changes with faith and become fearless?

Small, consistent steps of faith have the power to move mountains for you. Here are 5 ways to help you start to face your fears with the support of your faith!

Embrace the Change

One of the first things to do is to embrace the change. Change is sometimes inevitable, and when that happens it’s better to try to go-with-the-flow of the change, or it may feel like you’re getting dragged through the mud of life. Rather than apply force, embrace change with peace, acceptance for what is to come and the expectation that you will be guided into what’s next for you.

Determine the Life Lesson

When a change occurs, it could be a result of a setback or failure, a difficult situation you’re facing, and more. Rather than dwelling on the issue, look for something positive in the circumstance that you’re currently experiencing. For example, determine the life lesson amidst the difficult challenges or situation you’re facing. Look for the beauty in your mess and you will find it! While things may look bleak now, you’ll soon be able to thrive again on the other side.

Make Time for God

Making time for God is a crucial component to dealing with changes in your life, whether you welcome them or not. When you face your fear of change with faith, nothing can stop you! You will find the deep internal strength to keep going when the going gets tough. God will be there walking beside you and protecting you with every move. Have faith that if you ask, you’ll receive the insights, guidance and direction you crave to navigate this part of your journey.

Trust the Process

Trusting the process can be a challenge especially if the change came unexpectedly. As difficult as it is to have faith that everything is going to work out, you must go through “it” to get to the other side. God gives you the strength you need to handle the tough times. You just need to be willing to receive it.

While you may not fully understand why you are in the situation that you’re in, that’s ok. Some of life’s greatest lessons and blessings come from the most difficult times. The more connected you are to God or the Divine wisdom that has led and comforted you in the past; the easier it will be to feel loved and cared for.

Enjoy the Journey

Lastly, enjoy the journey on the way to where you are going! While it may feel like a rollercoaster ride, hold steadfast onto your faith, and trust in the new possibilities that are in your future. Take everything in around you and process it. Be in the moment, embrace the change, and seek to understand.

Focus on the things in your life that are positive, working and bring you joy; no matter how small they may seem. While your life may seem messy, God is helping you to find the beauty in your mess.

Some final thoughts…

Facing your fears can be challenging but not impossible when you have faith. Each of the five tips discussed can help you navigate the changes in your life in a more positive and empowering way.

Once you learn how to face change with faith, you’ll be better equipped to thrive amidst your challenges and move forward to redesign your life.


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