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It’s Time To Say YES to your dreams and create your best life.

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Maybe you’ve been guided here because you’re at a turning point in your life and you’re not sure which direction to go. Maybe you’re emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed and can’t stand to listen to those critical “voices” that keep holding you back. Maybe you feel disconnected from your true self, your dreams, your purpose; and don’t even recognize who you are. Maybe you’ve been living on auto-pilot, lost your way, got detoured or hit a road block that you can’t get around.

Regardless of the “Why,” you know deep in your soul that it’s time to change.

It’s time  to say “YES” to You and become a top priority in your own life. It’s time to honor your soul, embrace your true self and shine your light for all to see. It’s time to make your dreams and visions a reality. It’s time to be brave, step out in faith and create the life you want to live.

This is where your transformation begins. You get to choose a better way and decide to thrive!

And I can show you how.

Here are some ways that we can work together & connect.

Hi, I’m Eleni Hope

I’m an passionate coach, teacher, life strategist and perpetual cheerleader.

I’m on a divinely-guided mission to empower you to break through what holds you back, so you can rise, thrive and create your best lives.

You’re at point A and you want to get to point B. My goal is to get you there in way that feels good, meaningful and authentic to you.

I give you the support, strategies and tools you need to shift your thinking and take small daily steps to create big life changes; from the inside out. My approach is soulful, creative, warm, heartfelt and quirky at times. I love to laugh!

Basically, I meet you where you are and we work together to create a custom road map to get you where you want to go. I love individuality, uniqueness, creative self-expression,transformation and personal choice. Everyone’s lives & journeys are different. That’s what makes this process so exciting. It’s tailor made just for you.


I started working with Eleni to figure out what to do next in my new business. I was completely lost, confused and stuck. I was questioning my decisions, my ideas and myself. I needed guidance and direction to move forward and get past what was holding me back. Eleni helped me identify the blocks in my way, push past my fears, and see the possibilities in my business and myself. Together, we created a plan with clear steps for the next few months. I became more confident and able to take imperfect action. Eleni’s support of my mission and ability to hold space for me during this process was one of my favorite things about working with her. She was always encouraging, empathetic and gave great suggestions. Her guidance came from her heart and strong connection to God and that was important to me.  Eleni is an incredibly authentic and intuitive person. She can listen to what is and isn’t being said, ask the “right” questions and help you find the answers in yourself. Working with Eleni was a great experience that changed my life for the better. I’d recommend her to anyone.

Tara Marulli

“Before working with Eleni, I was starting a new phase of my life after a major realization. During our time together, I most enjoyed Eleni’s directness, compassion, and all the time we spent talking through these life changes. I am proud to say, I am not the same woman I was when we first met; I am more confident, have created a support system for myself, and I no longer look for healing from the outside, but know how to find it within me.  I am comfortable with myself and have the tools I need to continue growing. I also feel much more aligned to who God wants me to be.  Today I have deep gratitude for Eleni in my life!”

Colleen H


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